Lascod™ Products

Right from the start, LASCOD has been considered a leader in the sector of impression
materials, producing the first alginate with chromatic phase indicator, Kromopan, now used worldwide. Since then it has developed and marketed numerous other alginates, silicones and cements under its own brand as well as under private labels. For dental laboratories, LASCOD has developed a complete range of products to meet all operating applications, specific including plasters and silicones for use with optical/laser and tactile reading systems.

With LASCOD’s particular propensity for the prosthetic sector it could overlook how important and basic the issues relating to cementing are, purpose it has created a complete range of materials for fillings and cementing, including Litark and FillFix, and permanent, Kromoglass.

An extensive sales network reaching all over the world, together with modern production and packaging systems, plus product traceability logistics services, make LASCOD a leading reference company in the dental LASCOD has implemented and maintains a quality management system compliance with the ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003 standards.

The LASCOD alginates have also been certified by the American FDA distribution on the US market.

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