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Welcome To Your One-Stop Dental Shop

At New Citizen’s you will find the widest array of stocks in dental care and hygiene. From specific consumable supplies to a broad range of dental equipment such as x-ray machines, dental units and chairs, handpieces, light curing devices, ultrasonic scalers and sterilizers, to mention a few. See our specific product lines in Orthodontics, Endodontics, Restorative, Surgery, Prosthodontics, Pedodontics and Dental Implants. You can rely on our on-stock inventory whether you choose to buy on wholesale or retail.

Our idea of wholesale doesn’t only mean reduced prices. It also means great value prices for high value products. When you visit our wholesale counter at our store in Manila you will find retail items that sell at wholesale prices even if you only buy one item. Now that’s a lot of value for you!













We may be the only store that houses our very own seminar and training room. This is where our suppliers and customers teach and learn from one another. This is where new technologies and know-how are shared. Let us know if you plan to hold a small meeting soon so we can discuss with you the details of our accommodations.

Quick After-Sales Service and Maintenance













At New Citizen’s we don’t take customers for granted. We make sure that whatever you buy from us works for you; even long after it has reached a favorable payback period or a fair return on your investment. But just in case something breaks down, you can always rely on our service and maintenance engineers to fix them.