Dentamatic 500 Chameleon MX Porcelain Furnace

SKU: 1166

Microprocessor controlled vacuum furnace for metal-ceramic teeth. DENTAMATIC 500 Chameleon MX is a fully automated vacuum furnace for drying and baking of ceramics with or without vacuum. This furnace is suitable for metal less working. Also the furnace is possible to be controlled from PC. As stand alone unit furnace can store up to 100 different programs. The furnace can be connected to Personal Computer (PC) where unlimited number of programs can be stored. FEATURES precise temperature control platinum thermocouple LCD display automatic temperature calibration after each program start programmable standby temperature programmable drying and cooling temperature speed up to 200°C/min vacuum control by time, temperature and both electronic vacuum level control long life quartz protected heater enameled steel chamber for better vacuum temperature correction for each program from –25 to +25 ° C