Greeloy GS-E1000 EOS

Greeloy Industry Co., LTD
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  • Double active carbon+HEPA high precision filter
  • High-end touch control panel
  • Segmented Rotary Arm
  • Also called: Extraoral Suction Machine



Model GS-E 1000S
Motor type Brushless motor (maintenance free, longer service life)
Voltage 100V~240V 50Hz/60Hz
Power 1000W
Noise 60dB
Negative pressure flow 3500~5000L/min
Max.Vacuum 25kPa
Amount of negative ions 10×10^6 pcs /cm²
Amount of positive ions 10×10^6 pcs /cm²
UV Sterilization 254NM (UV light life approx. 10,000 hrs)
Plasma disinfection 5,000V (Plasma generator life approx. 20,000 hrs)
Control Touch screen control (foot control as optional)
Working mode Two gear output, Min & Max

At Min:

@ 50% power output;

@ Vacuum as -15kPa;

@ Flow as 3500L/min.

At Max:

@ 100% power output;

@ Vacuum as -25kPa;

@ Flow as 5000L/min.

Five times filtering First filter at suction hood, HEPA + activated carbon filter, primary & secondary, totally, 5 times.
HEPA Grade H13 (0.3um, filtration >99.97%) (H14 as option)
Free arm Aluminum arm and PC hood, segmented rotary arm (four- section), 360 degree free rotation.
Product Dimension 32 X 33 X 75.5 cm (without free arm)
Net weight 30kg (with free arm)
Timer Display the cumulative working time of suction device, and remind you the time for daily maintenance.
Daily maintenance 1, After every operation, keep suction working for another 5min to make sure inner system with disinfection.

2, Clean the UV disinfection lamp with a fine brush every 6 months or 1000 hours.

3, Clean the Plasma generator with a fine brush every 6 months or 1000 hours.

4, Wipe the suction hood with a non-corrosive disinfectant, such

75% alcoho .