Intra-Lock MDL2011 Mini Implant

SKU: 931

MDL? Mini Drive-Lock implants, 2.0mm Diameter


Mini Drive-Lock (MDL?) is Intra-Lock?s?one-piece small diameter dental implant.?The system is ideal for long-term denture stabilization?or fixed prosthetics. MDL? is a true ‘convertible’?implant with one-piece solid strength and two-piece?versatility. Patented* Cement-Over? Abutments, simply fit?over the O-Ball Assembly and convert the implant from?removable to fixed or orthodontic treatment options. The?system?s unique Drive-Lock? instruments reduce delivery and?placement to one fluid motion. Once in place, Intra-Lock?s?extremely hydrophilic, bio-active OSSEAN? Surface promotes?rapid early healing and increased biomechanical fixation.