Kromoglass 3 Glass Ionomer Cement 10g

Lascod S.P.A.
SKU: 789

Kromoglass 3 GIC

• Water based cement (biocompatible)
• Extra fine granulometry
• Excellent bondage with enamel and dentine
• High resistance to compression
• Stable expansion setting
• Low solubility
• It reacts at low temperature
• High and prolonged fluoride release

Kromoglass3 excellent adhesion to enamel and dentine, low solubility, stable expansion setting and low thermal dilation and contraction are a guarantee for an accurate cementing over time. The extremely thin film thickness and high resistance to compression further enhance its characteristics.
High fluoride release also contributes to long lasting bonding and sensibly diminishes the risk of new caries.


1 x 10 g bottle of powder, including 1 measuring spoon and a dropper bottle for preparation.