Meyer 3-in-1 CBCT-Pano-Ceph Imaging System

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Model SS-X9010DPro-3DE. SS-X9010DPro-3D
Voltage AC230V+ 10%
Frequency 50Hz~60Hz+ 1Hz
Tube Model D-054SB
Focal Spot 0.5 x 0.5mm
Total Filtration 2.7mmAL
Tube Voltage 60~90kV 2
Tube Current 2~10mA
X ray radiation time CT~20secs Pano~ 17secs Ceph~lateral ~12secs Local CT~11.75secs
Focal spot to skin 250mm
Power supply AC 220V 16A
Dimension 3DE High: 175mm, Wide:2485 mm, Length:1415mm
Net Weight 3DE: 260KG
Operating System Windows 7 or above, Intel Core i5 or above, 32-bit/64-bit



• Provide you with high diagnosis accuracy and better treatment on diseases of the full dentiton and jaw.
• Easy to get HD panoramic images by building a perfect tomographic track . combined with the motion of the X, Y and Sita axis. jaw.

• A versatile helper to clearly display patient’s anatomical structure withflexible FOV.
• Intelligent imaging technology makes free observation from any angle realizable.
• Accurate measurement of the distance, area, volume and outline contour makes the one-key panoramic image obtained from the 3D image simple and easy.

• Othodontic specialist’s best choice making orthodontic treatment and maxillofacial surgery efficient and accurate.
• Low-dose radiation and high gray realized by dual-level alignment adjustment to provide you with HD cephalometic images..

3D Imaging System / CBCT, Panoramic, Cephalometric X-ray