NSK Perio-Mate Air Polisher 2-holes

NSK (Nakanishi International)
SKU: 691
  • 2 holes/ PER-B2-P
  • BioFilm Eraser
  • With NSK innovative Nozzle tip
  • Nsk, Japan



  • Flexible plastic nozzle tip design ensure accessibility and is gentle to the pocket.
  • Optimized nozzle design base on fluid analysis ensures flawless powder flow in the pocket.
  • Slim Nozzle facilitates operation in the narrow confines of the oral cavity.
  • Smooth 360-degree rotation for safe and accurate operation.
  • Powder control ring makes fine-tuning powder flow simple and intuitive with quick fingertip adjustment.



  • Handpiece
  • Powder Case
  • Nozzle Tip (40 pcs.)
  • Maintenance Kit
  • Perio-Mate Powder (160 g) x 1