Oklurest Bite Registration Silicone – per pc

SKU: 3510

Oklurest is an addition silicone (polyvinylsiloxane) made for orthodontic bite registration.Easily repositionable in the mouth and on models after hardening, it can be subsequently finished with a cutting blade or burs.

• Easily and safely workable thanks to double cartridge system 1:1
• It can be scanned with optical/laser/tactile reading systems
• Maximum control during positioning
• Thixotropic
• Imperceptible viscosity for the patient
• Accurate reproduction of occlusal details (5 µm)
• Fast setting time
• Non-deformable / stable over time
• Minimum dimensional variation
• Easy insertion and removal from the model
• Easy finishing by burs


Oklurest characteristics grant a working base which allow the technicians to obtain the maximum precision. It combines a practicality of using  with a series of  advantages which allow the maximum control during positioning. The viscosity is imperceptible for patient.
The useful hardness degree (95 Shore A) achieved in short time, allows to work on widely stable masses facilitating the finishing stages by cutters or burs.