Temrex ZOE Temporary Cement Small

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  • Multi-Purpose Temporary Cement – Its sets harder-over 4000 PSI. It sets faster – 2 times the compressive strength of the Zinc Phosphate Cement in only 7 mins. It last longer – retentive ability is superior other ZOE cement. It protects & sedates – condition dentin, heals injured pulps and eliminates thermal shock. It’s pure-contain no resin or extraneous fillers.
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  • Use:? A base under amalgam, silicate, composite fillings & gold inlay. Temporary cementation of acrylic crown, splints and bridges. Temporary fillings to provide sedative action to recently injured pulps. Sedation of deep, sensitive cavities & crown preparations. Temporary cementation of long span permanent bridges on abutment preparations with short or inadequate retention form.