AP025 Dental Chair MF with Accessories

SKU: 4430
AP025 Appledental Dental Chair – Microfiber Leather with Accessories
• 180° Rotatable side box and tool tray
• Smart touch tool tray with 3 position memories
• Touch sensor light with yellow and white light mixed
• Multifunctional foot pedal with big size
• Thick synthetic metal base plate ( max weight 300kg )
• Easily Adjustable armrest
Other Features
• Smart-touch assistant tray
• Taiwan Ti-motion motor
• Italy Salenoid
• Strong and detachable back rest
• Cast aluminum back frame
• Linkage chair frame
• Movable ceramic spittoon
• Built out water bottle
• Adjustable headrest
• Built-in ground box
• Built0in LED viewer
Available in different colors:

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